Fox Valley

Betula nigra ‘Little King’

Fox Valley Birch summer Fox valley birch fall and leaf Fox Valley Birch bark

Height: 8-10′
Spread: 8-12′

Shape: Compact, broad oval
Foliage: Glossy green

Fall Foliage: Golden yellow
Exposure: Full sun

Zone: 4-9

A unique dwarf selection of a popular landscape tree. Refreshing, bright green foliage turns golden-yellow in fall. Colorful exfoliating patterns of bark in salmon and cinnamon-red become evident at a young age. Useful as a specimen when space is limited, in low-maintenance landscapes or as a screen. Excellent resistance to bronze birch borer.

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Attracts butterflies

Photos courtesy of Bailey Nurseries, Oregon State Univ and Chicagoland Growers