Purple Prince

Malus ‘Purple Prince’

Purple Prince Crabapple

Height: 20′
Spread: 20′

Shape: Rounded
Foliage: Purple-bronze

Fall Foliage: Bronze
Flower: Single, red

Fruit: 3/8″ Maroon
Exposure: Full sun

Zone: 4-7

This Father Fiala selection has outstanding rose-red blossoms and maroon fruits. The purple-bronze foliage and bright flowers rival ‘Liset’ but ‘Purple Prince’ does not suffer from stem splitting and is faster growing. Because it matures quickly as a young tree this is one of the best purple-leaf crabs for growers. Excellent resistance to scab, fireblight and cedar-apple rust.

Attracts birds icon drought tolerant icon

Drought tolerant and attracts birds

Photo courtesy of Bailey Nurseries