Shademaster Nursery is a branch of Rose Tree Nursery that started as a wholesale tree farm in Donahue, IA in 2000 next door to where Victor Rose and his parents, David and Shirley Rose, lived. To broaden their business, Shademaster Nursery was opened in the spring of 2010 on 13 acres of land in northwest Davenport just a ΒΌ mile past Farm & Fleet. Since that time, Shademaster Nursery has supplied the Quad Cities and surrounding areas with quality trees, evergreens, shrubs and perennials for both retail and wholesale customers. Shademaster Nursery is ran by Victor Rose and his wife, Alexandria Rose. Both were raised locally here in the Quad Cities. Victor grew up in Donahue, IA and went to North Scott High School. Alexandria grew up in Rock Island, IL and went to Rock Island High School. Victor and Alexandria were married in June of 2017 and live in Davenport, IA. Shademaster Nursery was started to help bring a family owned tree farm and garden center back in to the picture for the Quad City area and to keep money and services within the city instead of being outsourced by large box stores and out-of-state construction companies. We only grow with the patronage provided by our customers and continue to strive to beautify our hometown and surrounding areas! We would like to thank you for supporting small businesses like us!

- Alexandria and Victor Rose